When someone loses their life, I feel as though it’s their sacrifice to the living. We suddenly realize the things we were once mad about are so petty and silly. We forget why we disliked another person. All grudges dissolve away. So much is learned because a loved one passed away. Their death brings people together to grieve, to love, and forgive.

We cannot waste time being impatient, angry, jealous, or hurtful towards others. 

Lead with love in your heart. Live each day as it’s your last. We aren’t owed a long life. This doesn’t mean we get the green light to be reckless. We must be present with those we love. Hug more, talk more, nurture your relationships. 

A personal recent loss has transformed my thinking more than I thought possible. I’ve experienced death previously, my father, grandmother, and friends, but this new state of mind I’ve been living in for the past 4 years has made this particular loss different. I’m allowing myself to feel. I am much more aware of where I am in all this. It’s very important to recognize and acknowledge the emotions you are going through. I’m also finding value in all this devastation. There is value in all experiences.