If you’re anything like me, you have a closet overflowing with clothing you don’t wear, still have tags, and those you keep sending love to by saying “I know I’ll wear you ONE DAY!!” Up until a year ago, I had clothing, shoes, and accessories I proudly wore before my daughter was born, let alone a twinkle in my eye. She’s 15… 

I would shop on impulse. I would try on clothes that made me feel amazing in that dressing room, go home, and eventually it would lose it’s appeal as the days went on. Most of these clothes would hang there for months with tags still attached. I eventually realized I was UNCONSCIOUSLY shopping. I didn’t have a strategy. I was buying whatever brought me superficial happiness at that moment. I was also living off the frequent highs from the CLEARANCE racks! Boy, oh boy could I find the greatest deals! I mean, I still can, but I’m a bit more practical about it now. Just because I found  shirt for $5 (yes – a designer shirt for $5!!!) didn’t mean I needed it or would wear it for that matter. 

So between the superficial short lived happiness and constant clearance rack euphoria, I was creating a pile of clothing mush! I would have a bunch of cute skinny jeans, tons of shirts, and dresses! I LOVE dresses! The problem here was, most of the clothing I had didn’t truly make me feel good. I once bought a gorgeous skirt that was about 2 sizes too big because it was a killer deal!! I convinced myself that I would get it taken in eventually. Well, I did…4 YEARS LATER! I’ve worn it once…

The Skirt I HAD to have aaaand...wore it once!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion and I LOVE shopping. But I’ve learned how to love them in a healthy and purposeful way. This is what I did. I took EVERYTHING out of my closet. This overwhelmed me and scared the crap out of me. I had four huge piles that were as high as my King sized bed! It actually made me feel sick and embarrassed. As I dug through it all and began sorting,  I was finding it difficult to just let go of items. Items I hadn’t wore in YEARS were suddenly becoming my favorite piece I couldn’t live without. Really?? 

What I did next became a fun little game.  I grabbed an item, looked at it for about 2 seconds, if I felt nothing within 2 seconds,  immediately it moved to its new home – the NO Pile. I also had a Maybe Pile, which would take a little more time. If within those 2 seconds, my heart did the slightest putter, it went into the Maybe Pile. This pile was a three step process. Step One – the 2 second emotion test, Step Two – Maybe Pile Toss, Step Three – try it on. Now this is where it can get easier. If it’s tight, loose, ripped, stained, etc – there is no other option but placing it to the NO Pile. If it looks fabulous on you and you immediately identify with your inner Sasha Fierce – then that item, my dear, goes into the KEEP Pile. If you only end up with 10 pieces that make you feel as though you can take on the world, then you’ve won! Style is an inside job! Confidence can’t exist within high heels that cramp your feet or 25 dresses that are just ‘okay’. I set myself free the day I got rid of tons of clothes! So what if I got a great deal on that Nordstrom top (that fits a little awkward). Who cares that some of my clothes still had the tags! I did not need to hold on to them if I wasn’t going to put them to use. In fact, I began to feel greedy and selfish by holding on to so much. There are other women out there who could truly benefit from my fabulous, not for me, items. 

Now my shoe collection…that’s another story…stay tuned.

This was the beginning of my closet organization.  I used sticky notes to help identify each category. This set up makes it easier to find the clothes I want to wear. 

I don't know about you, but this closet get me excited! Do you see the potential for beautiful organizing?! Okay maybe its just me. HA!