Lea Roman

Lea Roman is the founder of Mindful Soul & Beauty.  Prior to earning her cosmetology license in 2010, she worked in the fashion industry.  In 2001, she became a design assistant at the outdoor clothing company, Gramicci. She also had the pleasure working on Lauren Conrad’s first fashion line, The Lauren Conrad Collection in 2007.  Lea gained an abundance of knowledge on body types and sizing from head to toe.

In 2008, Lea decided to shift gears in her career to minimize travel.  She wanted to be more present with her then 5 year old daughter. Working in salons with her female clientele, she became clear of a certain truth.   All the elements of beauty: fashion, makeup, and hair were merely temporary illusions. Unless her clients connected to their inner beauty allowing them to radiate or valued their authentic beauty, it didn’t matter what fashion or makeup they had. 


Lea began to lead with her inner beauty.  Her clients took notice of her new ‘glow’. Women began asking her for advice. As Lea guided these women through their beauty transformations,  she recognized there is so much more depth to being beautiful. She decided to go from “Beauty Artist” to “Beauty Therapist” in order to incorporate the foundation of self love in her work.

Formulating workshops, online classes, and 1-on-1 beauty therapy sessions have become her mission. A mission driven by passion to heal beauty wounds that we, as women collect throughout childhood and beyond.

Lea’s background in both fashion and beauty has allowed her to empower women to claim their radiant beauty by instilling the magic of self love. Not only can she make you look beautiful, but she will help you to believe in the beauty you already possess.